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Cullen Family Crest Prop Replica Jewelry Set

Item : Cullen Family Crest Prop Replica Jewelry Set
Price : Rm450
Status : Available

Exclusive 6 Piece Prop Replica Jewelry Set
Limited Edition Display Case (only 3,000 made)

All 6 items are authentic, wearable prop replicas of the Cullen Crest jewelry worn in the Twilight Saga New Moon film (5 pieces are also worn by the Cullen Family in Twilight the Movie).

  • Edward's Wristcuff - worn by Edward Cullen (the same cuff is also worn by Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale)
  • Rosalie's Pendant Necklace - worn by Rosalie Hale
  • Esme's Bracelet - worn by Esme Cullen
  • Carlisle's Ring - worn by Dr. Carlisle Cullen
  • Bella's Cullen Crest Ring
  • Alice's Choker Necklace - worn by Alice Cullen

    This Collector's Set of the Cullen Family Crest New Moon Prop Relica Jewelry is licensed with trademark & copyright by Summit Entertainment and is made exclusively by NECA.

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